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Your Weekly Update from Your Local NPT
Week Ending 20/03/11

March 25th, 2011 · Crime

There have been no reports of burglary or vehicle crime in the last week.

A garage was broken into on Holt Farm Close where the door was prized open.

A window has been smashed on Holt Park Crescent, the offender has been identified and further enquiries are on going.

There has also been some metal items from a garden stolen on Holtdale Avenue, 1 of the items was an extremely heavy anvil which would have required 2 people to carry the item
and possibly a vehicle to transport it, if you have seen anything please contact us directly or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

There has also been an attempted robbery occur in the ginnel that runs alongside of Holt Farm Rise leading towards the car park area. A knife was produced but was not used and nothing was stolen. This occurred at 2300 on the 10th March but was reported to ourselves at a later date hence why it is featuring on this weeks update.

The description given of the offender is:
a white male, stocky muscular build, approx 5ft 8inch tall, late 30’s to early 40’s wearing a dark hooded top with a Nike tick on it and he talked in a Yorkshire accent with a deep voice. If anyone knows anything about this terrible crime please do not hesitate to contact us.

ASB has remained low in the last week. All local priorities have been
patrolled on a daily basis. Various groups have been advised regards loud behaviour in and around the shopping mall. On the 15th PCSO Reardon had a report made to him of youths smoking cannabis in the mall, although no dates or times could be provided.

On the 16th traffic was monitored onHoltdale Approach, due to the fog motorists were not using their fog lights and we received some complaints from local residents. This was indeed the case and the matter was discussed with the Holt Park TARA regards the possibility of trying to make the area around the school a 20mph zone as this is probably the best way of dealing with the traffic issues.

On the 18th PCSO King reports no traffic issues at Ralph Thoresby.

Security at Asda suffered abuse from 2 females on the 19th, both were identified and spoken to but deny the allegations, 1 of the parents intervened and removed the girls from the area.

On the 20th PCSO Salkeld spoke to a local youth in front of his parents regards his recent erratic behaviour and general association with unsavoury characters on the estate.

Speed Indication Device has not been deployed

Arrests of note:
A 24 year old from Burmantofts has been arrested for a public order offence after disorder on Holt Road, further enquiries continue

A 19 year old female from Cookridge has been arrested for being drunk and disorderly on Holtdale Way following reports of a female shouting and
screaming at various locations around the estate, she has been charged

A 32 year old male from Tinshill has been arrested for a robbery that took
place on Holt Farm Rise, further enquiries continue

A local 20 year old male was detained by a PCSO on Holt Crescent after he
was found to be in possession of cannabis, he was given a street caution

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Residents to Beware of Bogus “Microsoft” Calls

March 23rd, 2011 · Crime

by Joel Beaumont
Bogus callers are targeting residents in Holt Park with fake phone calls claiming to be from the computer company, Microsoft.
Holt Park Microsoft Phone Scam
One local resident who fell victim to the bogus call said the caller, who had a foreign accent, said he was called Sam Martin and was from Microsoft.

He asked the home owner to switch on their computer as there were corrupted files that needed sorting. When he was confronted about this being a possible fake call he threatened the resident with jail claiming he was from the police.

The resident then contacted local councillor for Adel and Wharfedale, Cllr Barry Anderson, who took the matter up with the Trading Standards.

The Trading Standards Local Manager said: I understand that Consumer Direct has received a few calls over the past months about this. As with all e-crime it’s difficult to stop so publicity is probably the best.

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Tinshill Top Traffic Light Safety Concerns

March 22nd, 2011 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
Newly erected traffic lights opposite Tinshill playing fields have had to be altered amid safety concerns.

Traffic Lights Tinshill Top Leeds LS16

The traffic lights at the junction of Tinshill Lane and Otley Old Road had louvered amber and green lights at the second stop line. However, complaints by motorists and cyclists to the council, that the lights were difficult to see, has resulted in them being altered and made more visible.

The louvered traffic lights were adjusted last week in order to improve visibility yet still maintain their purpose.

The reason for the traffic lights being louvered at the second stop line is to prevent those approaching from north of the fire station seeing green at the first stop line.

When a call is activated at the fire station the lights north of the station go red whilst the ones at Tinshill Lane remain green. Without louvres, the green signals can be seen prior to the station at the brow of the hill. This then presents a risk that drivers would see these and think they were intended for them leading them to drive in front of the emerging fire engine.

The problem has been addressed and the area is now safe in all aspects.

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Your Weekly Update from Your Local NPT
Week Ending 13/03/11

March 15th, 2011 · Crime

No reported burglaries in the past 7 days, Excellent

Vehicle Crime:
No Vehicle crime reported also. Excellent

Visit the West Yorkshire Beatcrime website http://www.beatcrime.info – where you can use your postcode to obtain crime figures for your local neighborhood.

Anything Else of Note:
Holtdale Mall/Asda entrance is attracting youths who are now impacting both on shoppers and the community in general, we are currently looking at new ways of tackling this ongoing problem but this will not be an overnight fix? Improvements could be made to the CCTV system covering the Mall and rear of the leisure centre? We are also working with the community to introduce things for the youth of the estate to be involved in, there has been some excellent work put in by the Holtdale residents who have some events planned shortly, If you would like to be part of these please visit the Holt Park web site http://holtparktoday.com

These figures are a great improvement on the previous week and reflect a return to normal life on and around the estate. We together with the community are working hard to improve the quality of life for Holtpark residents, the recent figures have been very encouraging and our aim is to improve still further, if you see/witness or are suffering anti social behaviour please let us know, if you can get names and descriptions this would assist us to deal with the incident quickly and efficiently.

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Holt Park Recycling Scheme Consultation Days

March 14th, 2011 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont

Leeds City Council Waste Management Department in association with West North West Homes and Sanctuary Housing hope to introduce a recycling collection scheme to Holt Park.

The proposed scheme would see small communal recycling areas dotted across Holt Park for residents to utilise
Consultation points to discuss proposed recycling schemes for Holt Park will take place across the area this week.

These informal consultations are to take place across Holt Park in order to acquire residents views on the issue. Here residents can also put forward there queries and suggestions. The team at each consultation point will also be there to give advise about recycling and how to reduce your waste.

If you have been wanting recycling facilities in Holt Park it is important that you attend one of these sessions and make your voice and opinions heard. Holt Park Today encourages you to go and let your thoughts and ideas be know for this proposed scheme.

These consultation points will be in four places across Holt Park on four days. They will take place according to the following:

15th March 12.30 – 4.00pm Holtdale Green
16th March 09.30 -12.30pm Holtdale Road
17th March 12.00 – 4.00pm Holt Farm Close
18th March 09.30 – 3.30pm ASDA Car Park

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