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Pedestrian Crossing Roadworks set for Holt Park

February 18th, 2011 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
You may remember in November HoltParkToday.com reported on safety issues on Holtdale Approach. A number of residents left comments on that article that HoltParkToday.com passed on to relevant authorities.

Road works taking place in Holt ParkToday we are pleased to report roadworks for the long awaited, new zebra crossing outside Ralph Thoresby School are set to begin.

The work on Holtdale Approach is due to start on Monday 21st February and last for approximately one week. The planned working hours are between 09:30 and 15:30, Monday to Friday.

Leeds City Council maintain that pedestrian access will be possible at all times. However, there may be occasions when accessing properties by vehicle may be restricted.

The work carried out will hopefully make this part of Holt Park safer to cross. This will help to resolve the issue of road safety in this particular area which has been a concern for some time now.

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Holt Park Becomes a Hive of Orienteering

February 17th, 2011 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
On Wednesday evening 16 February between 7.00 and 7.45 you may have seen a number of people running around Holt Park wearing headtorches and carrying maps.

This was the final event of Airienteers Winter Midweek Night Orienteering league. Airienteers is a club with members coming from between Skipton and Leeds.

Airienteers Logo

The orienteering competition choose to stage the final event in Holt Park’s maze of streets and footpaths.Competitors on this urban orienteering leg had to locate specific lampposts using a map from the early 1980’s.

The map was drawn up by then local resident, Rob Blore. It does not show any buildings or street names just the web of roads and footpaths that make up Holt Park.

Last night saw Ian Nixon win the men’s league and Claire Towler the women’s.

Orienteering Compass

Organiser of the Airienteers league, Chris Burden said: “We hope to return to Holt Park on the last Saturday of October 2012 for a day time event. It will use a different and more detailed map which is currently being surveyed and drawn.”

“We intend to put out proper orienteering equipment, which are red and white kites (flags) and electronic punches at about 25 or so control points. It will also be a bigger event so we would want to forewarn the local community, and be able to address any concerns, and most importantly, encourage participation.”

“We would love members of the local community to participate.” he added.

For more information about orienteering in the Aire valley visit www.aire.org.uk

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Holt Park Resident Evicted

February 16th, 2011 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
A woman from Holt Park, who made her neighbours’ lives a misery, has been evicted from her home and banned from the area.

Holt Park eviction noticeLouise Thornton, 28, gave her neighbours a torrid time with her drunken, abusive and violent behaviour.

A joint action by Leeds City Council, North West Leeds Homes and West Yorkshire Police, resulted in Thornton receiving a Closure Order for her Holt Park flat, 41 Holtdale Drive.

An injunction, banning her from the district, was also imposed by District Judge Giles at Leeds County Court.

Holt Park eviction notice
Thornton had been the reason behind many anti-social behaviour complaints in Holt Park over the last couple of years. These included threats to neighbours, being drunk and abusive in the street and had stolen money from a vulnerable neighbour on over 40 occasions.

Cllr Peter Gruen, executive board member for community safety and chairman of the Safer Leeds board, said: “This catalogue of antisocial behaviour had a negative impact on the lives of decent, law abiding people.

“Despite our frequent efforts to help and support Louise Thornton to stop behaving this way. We had no choice but to take action through the courts to remove her from the property and the local community.”

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Holt Park Crime Report from Your Local NPT
Week Ending 13/02/2011

February 15th, 2011 · Crime

No Burglaries in the area this week.

Vehicle Crime:
No vehicle crime in the area this week.
Anything Else of Note
There has been a recent spate of thefts from local stores so officers will be monitoring this.

ASB Section / PACT Priority Update
A drunk male was returned to his home after refusing to leave a location.

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Holt Park Crime Report from Your Local NPT
Week Ending 06/02/2011

February 10th, 2011 · Crime

We have had no reported burglaries this week for the Holt Park area.

Vehicle Crime:
We have also not had any vehicle crime reported for Holt Park.
Anything Else of Note
We have however, had one report of theft this week, whereby fence panels were stolen from Holtdale Fold.

ASB Section / PACT Priority Update
We have not received any reports of anti-social behaviour this week; however, two females were spoken to after shouting abuse to officers. One was found to be from the other side of Leeds and currently holding an ASBO, both females were removed from the area.

The Pact issues have been patrolled daily and no issues have arisen. Two vehicles were removed from outside the front of the school as they were parking on a dropped kerb and double yellow lines.

It’s great to see another crime report indicating low instances of crime in our local area, please share this good news with your friends on Facebook, by clicking the share button!

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