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A Tribute to Samantha Pape

November 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment · Community News

Many of you may have heard the tragic news that local girl Samantha Pape sadly passed away earlier this month.

Sam, who grew up in Holt Park, was 19 when she was unfortunately taken from her family.

Sam’s auntie, Janet Pape, has asked us to post the following piece to pay tribute to her niece.

“Sam was a vibrant young woman and so happy, especially since finally getting a job as a hotel receptionist and also as a special constable in West Yorkshire Police. Sam was a happy hardworking, kind and generous young lady who had an infectious personality and smile that could light up any room.

This has been a tragic accident and her family, friends, colleagues and anyone that came across this outstanding young woman, have been both stunned and devastated by this tragic loss.”

Janet has also asked to write a few words for Sam to tell her of how the day of her funeral went.

The Day we all said goodbye

You would have been so proud yesterday Sam when we all had to say our final goodbye’s to you. The Mortician walked in front of you to the end of your street and then we followed behind you to the chapel. When we arrived, there must have been at least 100 people there waiting for you. Again, the Mortician, got out and walked you up to the chapel, passing the guards of honour who were stood there saluting you.
Both chapels were full and there was even an overflow of mourners and police colleagues in the corridor.
The minister gave you a beautilful service and your brother Mark read you a poem he had written for you. Your songs were;- nan’s choice, ‘Save Time in a Bottle’, your dad’s choice, ‘Pain in my Heart’, and of course your choice, ‘Bed of Roses’.
There was not a dry eye anywhere Sam, just about everybody cried for you!
When it got dark, we all wrote messages and signed Chinese lanterns then set them into the sky for you. Except Evelyn’s got stuck in a tree. We all laughed about it but Evelyn was gutted about it. Kristian and Griff bought and set off a load of fireworks and rockets for you, though one of the rockets didn’t go up into the sky like the others, it landed in someone opposite’s garden and lit that up instead of the sky. William loved it, he was so excited and happy about it all.
Then we all went to the pub and drank and talked happy memories of you. Adam was there too, he joined in with all the conversations and seemed very proud to be there for you.

Anyway Sam, this is not the end, this is where it just begins because we now need to learn to live without you being a part of our life’s in body. But no matter what, even though you can’t physically be here, you will never be out of our hearts and our memories of you will live forever.
Goodnight and god bless you Sam, love you forever. See you again someday beautiful angel. Its true your gone but also true that you’ll never be forgotten. RIP Sam my beautiful niece. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tributes to Sam have also been paid by her friends and family on Facebook.

If anyone wishes to pay their respects to Sam they may leave a comment below.

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