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ASDA Staff Save Pensioner’s Life

July 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
A woman had her life saved by staff at ASDA in Holt Park.

Marlene Thomas collapsed to the floor with a heart attack and stopped breathing four times while two members of staff tried to resuscitate her.

Marlene, 73, who lives in Cookridge, was shopping with her daughter last month when she complained she didn’t feel too good.

The next minute she had suffered a major heart attack and was struggling to breathe on the floor of the meat aisle.

ASDA worker Alex Green who had just passed his first aid training last year quickly leapt into action in an attempt to save Marlene. Providing mouth to mouth and pumping her chest Alex managed to get Marlene breathing again.

However, her breathing stopped again at which point Alex was joined by another first aid trained colleague, Tina Watmough. The pair worked to start Marlene’s breathing two more times.

A doctor arrived from Highfield Surgery stating it was too late and they had done well but she was gone. The pair battled on and managed to get Marlene one more time.

An ambulance then arrived and paramedics used a defibrillator to stabilise Marlene as she was carried out of the store.

Alex and Tina modestly got back on with their work and finished their shift heroes.

Marlene stayed in hospital for two weeks to recover and was fitted with a pacemaker.

The grandma of 10 is now back home recuperating and says she owes her life to the staff.

Molly Meadows, ASDA Section manager said: “We at ASDA think these two colleagues are wonderful.”

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  • jan

    it was a member of holtpark liesure centre that brought the defibulatr to save this lady life

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