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Budget Cuts Hit the Heart of Holt Park

June 30th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Community News

Thank you to Adelle who yesterday left a comment asking about what is happening with the new Holt Park Wellbeing Centre. We have investigated what is going on and here is what we have found.

by Joel Beaumont
Holt Park’s brand new leisure centre has been put on hold due to spending cuts.

Plans for a new leisure centre and place to socialise entitled Holt Park Wellbeing Centre has been suspended by the new coalition government.

The Wellbeing Centre was deemed too costly a project due to its £50 million price tag.

The proposed Wellbeing Centre would have replaced the current Holt Park Leisure Centre and provide a ‘community hub’ along with a new swimming pool and learner pool, meeting areas, a community cafe, activity rooms and consulting rooms.

The plans had been given the okay by Labour’s Department of Health. However, under a review of spending, the new government felt the cost of the project outweighed the benefits.

Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced on 17th June that funding for the centre had been put on hold. In a statement from the Treasury he said: “We are determined to tackle the unprecedented budget deficit and bad financial management we have seen over the past decade, but are equally determined to do this in a way that is fair and responsible. As a result of the poor decisions made by the previous Government, I have taken the decision to cancel certain projects that do not represent good value for money, and suspend others pending full consideration in the Spending Review.”

MP for Leeds North West, and fellow Liberal Democrat, Greg Mulholland, wrote to Mr Alexander calling for a rethink.

Speaking about the issue Mr Mulholland said: “I honestly believe that cutting the Holt Park Wellbeing Centre will be detrimental to the redevelopment of Holt Park and the surrounding area.”

The suspension of the project will be reviewed in a Comprehensive Spending Review. The outcome of this and whether the wellbeing centre is given the green light should be known by the end of October.

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  • Stuart Moss

    Down with the ConDems, they don’t care about us!

  • - Local News for the people of Holt Park

    […] Living Centre has been in the midst of turmoil since plans for the project were first announced. The project was shelved in June 2010, just 2 weeks before builders moved onto the site, as part of the new coalition governments […]

  • Rev Larry C Hibberd

    I notice that a lot of opinions concerning the Living Centre that has been put on hold. I suppose then that the Farrar Lane Sheltered Housing Scheme has been completely buried. This is after the existing building was considered well past its ‘sell by date.’ Residents were visited and given hope that the building they had to live in, although everything was pretty much worn out, was soon going to be replaced with a new complex. Conditions at Farrar Lane are getting worse with every month something vital breaking down. Repairs are slow and mostly non-existence. Others wait weeks for an answer to needs, trying to cope. Not Good Enough for our Senior Citizens. And then they hear of wasting £25,000 being spent on an unecessary park bench and sprucing up a little corner for just a few people.
    I had the path laid on the slope down to the old surgery at a cost of £1,000. Where do these prices come from?

  • holtparktoday.com

    Hi Larry, thanks for sharing your views with us, we are not an authority on what is happening with Farrar Lane Sheltered Housing Scheme.

    However if you want is to find out more information for you we’d be happy to do so. Just drop us an email and let us know

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