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Crime Report for Holt Park, Cookridge & Adel
Week commencing 26/03/2012

April 9th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Crime

Holt Park Crime Report, Leeds, LS16If you wish to contact a member of your local North West Outer NPT please contact us either via email aa.nptnorthwestouter@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk, or telephone 01274 471458 , this is a voicemail system, both of these are checked at least twice per day and someone will get back to you.

All details of your local officers are on our website www.westyorkshire.police.uk/npt

Holt Park

ASB Holt Park Centre , daily all times
Drugs – Holtdale Place , daily all times
Graffiti – Holt Park Estate, daily at all times

There has been a burglary on Farrar Lane near to the High Farm public house, suspects have found a hidden key to get in , an Xbox, PS3, TV and other electrical items have been stolen. This happened in the early evening time.

Information has been received regarding a theft of copper piping from an address on Holtdale Way, the theft of the piping has left water damage to the property. Two names for suspects have been put forward and are being investigated. Also on Holtdale Way a shed has been broken into by someone snapping the padlock from the door. It is believed that nothing has been stolen at this time.

Holt park centre has been patrolled daily with little to report, there has been no new evidence of drugs use at Holtdale Place nor graffiti on the estate. Properties on Holtdale Way and Avenue continue to play loud music into the early hours, occupants have been spoken to and have been referred to WNWH and LASBT.


No current priorities

There has been no car crime in the last week. There has been an attempted burglary at a commercial premises on Tinshill Road, suspects have used a flat bladed instrument to try and force the door but have been unsuccessful.

We received a call about some drunk males causing a nuisance on the Cookridge Golf Course, officer’s conducted an area search but could not find the males.

Other news
Officers attended Caring for Life at Crag Farm for the Royal visit of The Countess of Wessex on Tuesday, the Countess is the patron for the organisation and spent time talking to everyone who attended the event.


No current priorities

There have been no reported burglaries in the last week.

Three properties on Wayland Approach and one on Wayland Croft have had the lead flashing stolen from the porch roofs overnight, enquiries are on going.
On Adel Lane suspects have poured a liquid substance over a MR2 causing damage to the bonnet and the front pannel’s of the vehicle.
On Tile Lane the Fire Brigade have answered a call regarding 3 small fires that have been found near to the derelict building. When Police attended there were no signs of any youths in the area. This area has always been well patrolled as people believe it is haunted, we will keep patrolling the area as often as we can.

3 males have been seen on CCTV causing a nuisance at the Lawnswood Arms Public house. The staff have cleared the car park area after the pub had shut for the night, in the morning when staff have opened up, there have been beer cans and rubbish thrown around and damage caused to the disabled sign.

No incidents of note

Arrests of note
A 22 year local female was arrested for shoplifting from the Co-op on Otley Road, she has received an adult caution.

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  • Caroline

    Why isn’t Ireland Wood covered?

  • holtparktoday.com

    Hi Caroline, thanks for leaving a comment.

    We get this information emailed to us by the local police officer, the info covers these three areas, but doesn’t mention Ireland Wood.

    We’ll try to find out why Ireland Wood is not directly covered or if it is covered by part of another area.

    We’ll leave a reply here once we get more info.

    Strangely enough Tinshill doesn’t get a mention either otherwise we’d include that too.

  • Alan Mann

    Ireland Wood & Tinshill are covered by the Inner North West NPT. Whilst Holt Park, parts of Cookridge, Adel etc., are covered by the Outer North West NPT. If you want an update of police activity i would suggest the following link: http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/north-west-leeds/north-west-inner/news

  • Dan

    The plural of suspect is suspects. The plural forms of Astra, DVD, CD, ape, bike, criminal, journalist and even plural are all formed by the simple appending of the ‘s’ character, with no apostrophe.

  • Phil Armstrong

    Good to see no cheeky little crimes in my town, so glad I live here and it’s safe for my kids.

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