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Holt Park to be a Cold Calling Free Zone?

July 31st, 2011 · 7 Comments · Crime

by Joel Beaumont
After reports on Holt Park Today about a cold calling scam, Holt Park residents have the opportunity to set up a cold calling control zone.

No Cold Calling Zone street sign

The main aim of the zone is to prevent incidents of doorstep crime and raise awareness of the activities of rogue traders who target vulnerable people.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards said: “It will give residents the confidence to say no to uninvited callers as a community. Therefore, reducing levels and fear of crime in the allocated areas.”

Prominent and successful zones are already in operation across Leeds in areas such as Bramley, Chapel Allerton and Yeadon/Rawdon.

Graham Hebblethwaite, Chief Officer of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service said, “It is encouraging to see that organisations such as the Police and West North West Homes are working with Trading Standards to combat Doorstep Crime. Protecting the vulnerable is very important and we will continue to work with organisations in order to achieve this.”

Zones can range from around 50 houses to 5000 depending on the area. Each street will have clear signs detailing that the area is a cold calling free zone. Each household that is part of the scheme will receive an information booklet and a door sticker to deter unwanted callers.

The scheme is one that is resident driven. There has to be a consensus among people in the area for the no cold calling zone to be in operation.

West Yorkshire Police said: “We would obviously give this our strongest support but the drive and willingness needs to come from the residents.”

Read more information from West Yorkshire trading standards about doorstep crime

Furthermore, If you would like to see this in place across Holt Park please leave a comment in the box below with something as simple as the word “yes”.

Please share this information with others in the area to show support for this scheme.

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7 Comments so far ↓

  • Kat


  • Elinor

    Yes please!

  • Chris

    How will this effect genuine sales company’s that work door to door ? thousands of people in the uk work in door to door sales. Pay tax . Ni. Pensions.
    And are just trying to Earn a honest living.
    Surely this will effect them in a big way!

  • Paula

    In reply to Chris, I can’t think of any genuine callers who make their living from doorstep sales that I’ve seen over the last year. In Adel we do have a problem with slave labour being used and young people working very long hours for far less than the minimum wage. The proposed legislation will help ensure that local people don’t inadvertently support this grey economy.

    For example, it won’t affect the Avon lady, if you have one… that’s because she will put a brochure through the letterbox and then come to collect it. There is no high pressure doorstep selling involved, you don’t even need to meet her to place an order.

    We need legislation to protect people, especially the elderly, from people calling to sell products that are not needed or wanted. We have had incidents involving doorstep sellers becoming aggressive with elderly people when told a polite “no”.

    Paula (Adel Association)

  • paul

    We should educate residents as a prevention, as well as a no go zone.

  • Alan Mann

    In the first instance having a cold calling zone does not mean that you will eliminate cold callers. All the scheme does is discourage some organisations from undertaking hard sales. However, many of the utility companies will still be able to undertake cold calling as long as they adhere to the nationally recognised protocol. In addition, you have to prove that there is a problem, and you also have to have someone or some people who are willing to be the contact point for residents. If you would like the Holt Park Tenants & Residents Association to look into whether or not Holtdales and Holt Farms meet the criteria for a Cold Calling Zone, then just let me know.

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