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An Open Letter to Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association

July 6th, 2011 · 11 Comments · Gardening

After receiving a number of emails expressing concern from Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association Regarding the article we posted on Friday 1st June 2011 about Guerrilla Gardening HoltParkToday.com wanted to take this opportunity to write an open letter in reply to them in the hope that other residents and tenants can add their comments, thoughts and feelings.

Read Email 1 RE: Holt Park Flower Beds and Vegetable Patches

Read Email 2 RE: Rogue Gardening in Holt Park

Dear Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association,

Thank you taking the time to write to us expressing your concerns. We appreciate the points you have raised.

HoltParkToday.com was set up to engage people in our local area to take an interest in where they live and to act as a hub were anyone with an interest in Holt Park can have a conversation, talk to each other and share ideas and thoughts. Our website exists merely to inspire ideas, conversation and creativity.

If anyone was to express an interest in taking a project forwards we would always direct people through the appropriate channels.

Please rest assured if the article in question has managed to inspire anyone to want to undertake a gardening project and look after piece of land that is currently unattended to in Holt Park, we would always  point these people in the direction of Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association.

We hope this addresses your immediate concerns, we thank you once again for rising these concerns and we hope by publishing this as an open letter that we are taking an open and collaborative approach in making everyone aware they need to consult with Holt Park Tenants and Residents association should they have any ideas on how to improve the local area.

On a side not we took a look at your website and could not find any information on the steps people must take in order undertake a project in the local area. We would there for like to invite you to write an article / piece of documentation that we could publish and be referred to should anyone wish to approach Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association with regards to undertaking a project.

We look forward to receiving the gardening competition posters you have offered to send to us. We  will feature them on the blog promptly, in the hope that we can further inspire people to take a continued approach to improve the local area

Best Regards
The Holt Park Today Team

We encourage everyone who reads this article to share it so that more people can become aware of the correct steps to take should you wish to improve the local area. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this article and actively encourage you to join in and leave a comment. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

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11 Comments so far ↓

  • Alan Mann

    It is the aspiration of the Holt Park Tenants & Residents Association to inspire all residents in the Holtdales and Holt Farms to take care and manage their environment. We are willing to support any project that has the full backing of the local residents through the correct consultation process. I note your comments regarding the lack of information on our website. This will be rectified as soon as possible. In most of these projects we work closely with both the land owners and local residents and have rarely come across any objections. As several of your readings have commented there are areas around Holt Park that would benefit from good environmental projects whether it be small flower beds to larger shrub maintenance. Lets hope that some of the residents both in the Holtdales and Holt Farms enter the garden competitions, put Holt Park on the map, and then this might encourage more residents to do small garden projects. I will still add this subject as an agenda item at our next meeting and any reader interested who has ideas can come along and we can start the ball rolling.

  • jan simpson

    Hi Luke
    I think the article regarding rouge gardens was quiet interesting and as for the HPTRA comments if this is such a bad idea then maybe if the alotment request from two/three yeas ago had been followed through we would not need the rouge gardens

  • HoltParkToday.com

    Hi Jan great to hear from you :)

    I haven’t heard about the allotment request from two/three yeas ago, could you tell me more about?

    Do you know why it never went through?

    With all this renewed interest perhaps we could direct people through the appropriate channels and get something new set up / under way?

  • Alan Mann

    As Jan should know at the time as she was the Chair of the association the process for gaining permission is a long drawn out affair. In the first instance you have to find some land that LCC are prepared to give permission to have an allotment on. The legislation attached to allotments goes way back to the early part of the last century. I personally gained the enough interest in having an allotment, the legal requirement is six council tax paying residents. The application was submittig to City Development who denied the application
    on the ground that the area being proposed were within a social housing scheme. They also denied the use of fields across from Holt Lane that was near the children play areas. However, I am aware that another application has gone into LCC for the setting up of allotments in the Pinfold Lane area. As yet I have not heard the outcome. You might like to contact the Cookridge Gardening Club who are involved in many environmental activities. In addition, I am submitting an area panel application through West North West homes Leeds for a small allotment scheme near Holtdale Avenue, maybe you would like to get involved in this??

  • HoltParkToday.com

    Hi Alan, we would certainly like to hear more about the application for a small allotment scheme near Holtdale Avenue.

    If you send more info over this is something we could write an article about to help you generate more interest and support for the scheme.

    Do you have contact details for Cookridge Gardening Club? We searched for a website but couldn’t find anything, we’d like to write an article about them to and help raise their profile.

    Thanks for sharing all this great info with us :)

  • Ollie Clark

    I’m just about to move to Holt Park so I’m delighted to hear there’s so much interest in gardening and the general environment. I’m looking forward to hearing details of the HPRTA gardening competition and will try to attend the resident’s meeting on 21 July.

    I do tend to agree with Alan Mann that it would probably be better for this to be part of an organised and official effort rather than individual guerilla gardeners taking it upon themselves to take over small plots of public land. I can just see someone digging up a grass verge, scattering a few seeds and then forgetting about it.

    However, it does need some effort on the part of HPTRA. I note that there’s still no information about the gardening competition that they are encouraging people to enter instead…

    BTW, it’s rogue, not rouge. Unless you’re only talking about reddy-pink flowers in the rogue gardens. :-)

  • HoltParkToday.com

    Hi Ollie

    Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    Just to reinstate that HoltParkToday.com will always guide people to do things through appropriate channels, should anyone express to us that they have an interest in undertaking a project in the local area.

    Unfortunately we still haven’t been sent any information regarding the gardening competition, but as soon as we get it we will put it up on the website and Facebook page

    Hope to get to meet you and get the chance to say hello on the 21st :)

    Thanks for pointing out our typo, will will go fix that now ^_^

  • Alan Mann

    Hi Ollie,

    it would be nice to see you at our next meeting on Thursday this week. All the details appertaining to the Garden Competition for tenants of West North West homes Leeds and Sanctuary Housing Association are available on our website http://www.holtparktra.btck.co.uk

    You may also be interested in the Holt Park Entrance Project that is awaiting a decision on funding from CommunitySpaces.

    Also some joint work with Cookridge Primary School.

    Regards Alan

  • Ollie Clark

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately:

    “The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    Sounds like it’s not for me anyway – I’m not a tenant, just a resident.

    Sorry I couldn’t make the last HPTRA meeting. Will try to make the next one if I can get onto your website to find out when it is.

  • Alan Mann

    Hi Ollie,

    The Holt Park Tenants & Residents Assn meetings are for all residents in the Holtdales and Holt Farms. Next meeting is set for Thursday, 15th September 2011 at 6.45pm. Hope to see you there.


    Alan Mann

  • Ollie Clark

    Ah, looks like I’m not in the right area – I’m in the Holt Parks, right at the other end of Holt Park.

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