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Compost: my new love!

June 16th, 2011 · No Comments · Gardening

by The Garden Gnome
I’ve recently found a new love: my compost heap. I’ve tried composting before, but like some other past relationships in my life I could mention, all abit half-heartedly. This time it’s different: I’m committed.
I bought two bins through the Council – very cheap compared withcommercial outlets – and did some research. For a compost heap to work properly you basically need lots of brown stuff (carbon) and lots of green stuff(nitrogen), so I’ve been filling the bins with vegetable scraps from the kitchen,lawn mowings, cardboard, eggshells and old newspaper.


Holt Park gardening compost heap

Compost heap before

Holt Park gardening compost heap

Compost heap after

The other thing a compost heap needs is STIRRING. I’ve got a bit obsessedwith this, and even overcome my slug-phobia. Its quite hard work, but asI see it, all those calories burnt mean more room for cake later. So, whenone bin is full, I dig it all out into the other bin, giving it a good old stir in theprocess, then leave it while I start filling the other bin with new stuff. Thebooks say your compost will heat up in the process of rotting down, but forthe first few months it was just, well, cold. Stupidly excited then the other day,when I lifted the lid and felt WARMTH. Even stuck my hand in it just to check!

So, by Autumn, I should have a bin full of lovely compost to put on the flowerbeds, and by spring it’ll be good enough to fill pots. I’ll let you know how I geton, but so far this love affair is looks like its going to be very rewarding!

The Garden Gnome

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