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Introducing a new gardening blog for Holt Park from The Garden Gnome

June 3rd, 2011 · 3 Comments · Gardening

by The Garden Gnome
Introducing a new gardening blog for Holt Park …

Last week was all about Chelsea Flower Show. Can’t get enough of it, hog the TV all week, drives the family mad. Day dreaming about landscaping I’ll never have, planting schemes that just wouldn’t work in North Leeds and flowers I can’t afford. Ahhhhh….

There comes a point when you have to get back to reality though; check in on the wind damage, thin out the beetroot, and control (sort of) the dandelion invasion.

But it has got me thinking about gardens and gardeners round here, so I’ve decided to start writing a bit of a gardening blog. I’m not an expert – I’m sure there’s lots of people in Holt Park a lot more experienced and skilled in horticulture than me (and maybe if you are you might share some tips!) – but I am a bit obsessive.

So, armed with more enthusiasm than experience, I’m hoping to explore the garden life of Holt Park, plunder the skills and knowledge of local gardeners, come up with mad-cap schemes for community gardening projects, and just generally ramble on about plants, on a regular basis!


Holt Park Gardening

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  • kay ambler

    Some time ago myself and some like minded people, approached LCC with a view to starting an allotment scheme, but nothing came of it, can ‘The Garden Gnome’ maybe!! help to start the ball rolling?

  • HoltParkToday.com

    Hi Kay, good to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the website. I’ll be sure to pass on your idea to the Garden Gnome.

    I’m sure if enough people were interested some kind of proposal could be put together, I’m certainly interested in the idea and a community garden, and I’d love to grow a bit of fruit and veg!

    You might be interested in the latest article from the Garden Gnome which proposes the possibility of some Guerilla Gardening in Holt Park – http://bit.ly/laoK1j

  • Kat

    Ooh yes please, a holt park allotment scheme would be great, I love the idea of growing food, but just dont have the garden space.

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