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Rogue Flowers & Guerilla Gardening in Holt Park

July 1st, 2011 · 8 Comments · Gardening

by The Garden Gnome
At the end of a hot and tiring day and a tiresome evening meeting, I dragged myself home from the ASDA bus stop agitating about this and that, and generally being stressed out. Until I passed by a neighbour’s mini-garden,that is, where he’s planted flowers, essentially in the grass verge, and big pink showy poppies are steadily spreading themselves into nooks and crannies around the end of the street. They’ll only last a couple of weeks, but while they do they bring a smile to my face every time I go that way. By the time I got home I was ready to see past the stress of the day, and notice as I searched for my keys, that the beans have grown six inches in the last twenty four hours and the honeysuckle is smelling gorgeous, and really, I have TOO MANY lettuces, and I was ready to relax.

Pink flowers in Holt Park

Those poppies have got me thinking about rogue planting and guerilla gardening, and wondering how many other patches of bare earth round Holt Park it would be possible to bring a bit of colour to. Guerilla Gardening, what the heck’s that ? I hear you say. Well, http://www.guerrillagardening.org describes it as a “war against neglect and scarcity of public places to grow things, be they beautiful, tasty, or both”. Basically, its planting stuff in public spaces. Checkout the website for inspiration. If anyone’s interested, perhaps we could start a collection of seeds for planting around Holt Park next spring?

Pink flower in Holt Park

The Garden Gnome

We’d really like you to share this article with your friends, let’s see if we can get the Guerilla Gardening movement rolling in Holt Park. Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel you would be interested in being part of our ‘secret gardening club’ and we will send you details as we move things on. Can we reach at least 100 shares? :)

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  • Kat

    I think this is a great idea! There are loads of places in holt park that could benefit from it.

  • HoltParkToday.com

    Hi Kat, we love receiving comments on the website, thanks for taking the time to leave a message :)

    We certainly want to make it a reality and we have a few spots in mind.

    Are there any places in particular that you can think that need sprucing up?

  • Kat

    You’re welcome, I’m supprised more people haven’t commented!

    There’s a little patch of grass just next to the garages on holtdale lawn, and I was thinking it would look lovely with a flower bed there. Although I think it may be one of the proposed sites for the recycle bins, so possibly not!

    But there are plenty of other little pieces of grass around the estate. I have nothing against grass, I just think there’s so much grass around holt park that we should give the flowers a chance!!! :)

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  • Alan Mann

    Wonderful idea. However, you will have to stop and think before doing it. Firstly, most of the land is managed by West North West homes Leeds. If you are thinking of utilising spare bits of land you have to gain permission and consult with all residents in the local area. If any residents show objection then you may have to reconsider some of the options you are proposing. We already have lots of areas where residents have been planting flowers etc., They then move or die, and the areas get left overgrown, and it becomes a matter of asking Glendale who are the contractor for West North West homes Leeds to maintain the area which has an added cost to tenants, not owner occupiers. If you find a spot that you would like to improve then I would suggest that you put the request through myself as chair of the local tenants & residents association, and I will take it up on your behalf with West North West homes Leeds. I already have several schemes ongoing at the moment which will involve school children etc., Telephone No 07901656886 or 0113 2817605 for further details.

  • Uncle Jon

    I think Alan has missed the point.

    If you want to do it – just get on with it. The benefits as a whole far outweigh the few cases were a problem might occur (heaven forbid there might be a an unkempt bit of earth on Holt Park!!)

  • TimberClick

    What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  • Alan Mann

    Your wrong Uncle Jon, you cannot just get on and do it as full consideration has to be given to other residents. You may like flowers and I am not against the idea of managed flower beds etc. However, you do not have the right to take over an area without the permission of the land owner. In the case of many areas around Holt Park these are managed by Parks & Countryside and West North West homes Leeds. I would suggest that the next time they under an estate walkabout people like yourself and Luke should accompany us. You will find dozens of areas where residents have done exactly what you are suggesting only to find they either move on or they stop maintaining the flower bed areas and they fall into neglect and they make the areas look even worse. As i have indicated it is best to undertake these projects in a constructive way. I am somewhat annoyed with Luke as my response to him was personal and he has published it. I am not hiding anything just trying to clarify the process. All residents are welcome to improve their environment and maybe in some cases helping your neighbour could be more beneficial as there are plenty of untidy gardens around the estate. I will set up a meeting with West North West homes Leeds, so any resident who is interested in what Luke is suggesting can come along and find out what they need to do to undertake these small garden/flower bed projects. The next meeting will be set for Thursday, 21st July, at 6.45pm – venue Ralph Thoresby School. If there is little response then we will know what residents in Holt Park think, so come along and have your say.

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