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New Websites Launch To Compliment Local Services

March 19th, 2012 · Community News

Two new websites have been launched to help people get the most out of services in our local area.

Ireland Wood Children’s Centre has created a website designed to help parents with young children.

Ireland Wood Children's Centre Leeds LS16The site offers a wide range of support for families with children under 5 years old. Providing
a range of advice on various issues such as parenting, child development and where to go to have fun with your children.

The site is also a gateway for parents to see what’s on offer at Ireland Wood Children’s Centre. For more information visit: www.irelandwoodchildrenscentre.com/

Ireland Wood Surgery have also launched a new website www.irelandwoodsurgery.nhs.uk/

Ireland Wood Surgery Leeds LS16The site offers an extensive range of features including the ability to book an appointment, order a repeat prescription and register yourself for the practice.

We hope that you find these websites helpful in making the most of the local area, while it’s great to see all these new website popping up don’t forget holtparktoday.com is the number one website providing you with all the latest news, events and information across Holt Park, Adel, Cookridge and Tinshill.

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Cookridge Fire Station Donates to Child’s Operation Fund

February 13th, 2012 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
Firefighters at Cookridge Fire Station have helped with fundraising so that a local girl will one day be able to walk.

Cookridge Fire StationThe crew at Cookridge raised £500 through an open day for seven year old Eve Williams from Menston.

Eve is unable to walk after being born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects her legs and arms.

Eve, who attends Ireland Wood Primary School is hoping to have a £45,000 operation in the United States that should give her full use of her limbs if the amount can be raised. In ten weeks her family have managed to raise £26,000.

Eve’s dad, David Williams said: “We have been blown away by people’s generosity, it has just been amazing. We got a lot of money in before Christmas and we thought things would slow down in January as it’s tough for everyone at the moment, but it has carried on. We’re really grateful to the lads at the fire station for this donation.”

Cookridge Fire Station fundraises each year with the aim of putting the money to good use within the community they serve. Bob Sturrock, firefighter and treasurer for the sports and social committee, said: We thought Eve was a perfect person to receive the money. She’s a smashing girl.”

Early Signs

Eve’s parents first realised something was wrong when she was still unable to crawl at the age of nine months.

As a toddler Eve, who was born three months early, was only able to use her right hand and couldn’t sit up.

Quadriplegic cerebral palsy is more likely to appear in children born prematurely.


If fundraising is successful Eve will undergo selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery at St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri, U.S.A in July.

The complex operation, which will be followed by intense physiotherapy, will correct scrambled signals in Eve’s nerves and improve her mobility.

The Williams family are hoping to raise a further £30,000 to help pay for Eve’s physiotherapy after her operation.

A fundraiser will be held at the David Lloyd fitness centre, just off the ring road in Moortown, on February 25.

This story was inspired by an article on the Yorkshire Evening Post

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Holt Park Leisure Centre February Half Term Holiday Programme 2012

February 12th, 2012 · Events

With the February half term officially starting this Monday Holt Park Leisure Centre once again have a range of activities to keep the children active and busy

Holt Park Leisure Centre February Half Term Holiday Programme 2012

Holt Park Leisure Centre February Half Term Holiday Programme 2012 button above

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A cold and frosty Cookridge

February 3rd, 2012 · Community News

While browsing around the internet this morning gathering all the latest and freshest news we stumbled on this picture of some cool frost formations on bus stop in Cookridge

We thought this was particularly interesting peice of original photography and perhaps shows you Cookridge in a new and entertain way.

Original image from Emma Ashby

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Crime Report for Holt Park, Cookridge & Adel
Week commencing 16/1/2012

January 28th, 2012 · Crime

Here at HoltParkToday we have taken the decision to extend our crime report to include the areas of Cookridge and Adel. You can leave some feedback at the bottom of this post in the comments to let us know if this is a welcome addition

Holt Park Crime Report, Leeds, LS16If you wish to contact a member of your local North West Outer NPT please contact them either via email aa.nptnorthwestouter@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk, or telephone 01274 471458 , both of these are checked at least twice per day.

Contact point: Asda Mall, Holt Park Shopping Centre every Saturday between 10 am and 11 am
Local officers:
PC 4831 Bob Stead,
PC 2903 Jenny Sabanskis,
PC 5201 Karina Phillips
PCSO Claire Salkeld,
PCSO 38 Becky Neilson ,
PCSO 105 Nicola Woods,
PCSO 47 Chris King,
PCSO 788 Stuart Reardon,
PCSO 435 Peter Doyle

All details of your local officers can be found on the West Yorkshire Police website

For those that are new to these updates please note the following abbreviations;

NPT – Neighbourhood Policing Team
ASB – Anti Social Behaviour
NHW – Neighbourhood Watch
SID – Speed Indication device

Holt Park

ASB Holt Park Centre – daily all times
Drugs – Holtdale Place – daily all times

There have been no reported burglaries or any car crime in the area this week.

A male was arrested in the Holt Park area this week for conspiracy to commit burglary.

There have no reported calls of anti social behavior.

It has been very quiet in the area this week.


No current priorities

There has been one burglary this week in Cookridge on Moseley wood Gardens, suspects have snapped the lock on the door using a molegrip type tool, the elderly occupant has heard a noise looked out and seen three suspects and banged on the window which has scared them off.

Vehicle Crime:
A vehicle was stolen on Kirkwood Way, The owner had just left the car for a few minutes to go back inside his house and came back out to see his car being driven away, stolen. The car was found the following day a few streets away.

There have been no anti social behaviour calls in the area.


No current priorities

There has been one attempted burglary The Drive this week, the suspect has smashed a window to try and get into the property but was not successful.

Vehicle Crime:
A car has been broken into on Broomfield, Adel; the suspect has removed a tool box which was later found in a neighbour’s garden.

A shed has been broken into on Back Church Lane, three Stihl strimmers have been stolen to the value of £800

Broomfield Adel, A suspect was arrested under suspicion of conspiracy to commit burglary.
Please take the time to share this crime report using the buttons below, and help others find out about our extended crime report. Sharing this post can help keep people in our local area up to date and safe

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