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ASDA Staff Save Pensioner’s Life

July 5th, 2010 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
A woman had her life saved by staff at ASDA in Holt Park.

Marlene Thomas collapsed to the floor with a heart attack and stopped breathing four times while two members of staff tried to resuscitate her.

Marlene, 73, who lives in Cookridge, was shopping with her daughter last month when she complained she didn’t feel too good.

The next minute she had suffered a major heart attack and was struggling to breathe on the floor of the meat aisle.

ASDA worker Alex Green who had just passed his first aid training last year quickly leapt into action in an attempt to save Marlene. Providing mouth to mouth and pumping her chest Alex managed to get Marlene breathing again.

However, her breathing stopped again at which point Alex was joined by another first aid trained colleague, Tina Watmough. The pair worked to start Marlene’s breathing two more times.

A doctor arrived from Highfield Surgery stating it was too late and they had done well but she was gone. The pair battled on and managed to get Marlene one more time.

An ambulance then arrived and paramedics used a defibrillator to stabilise Marlene as she was carried out of the store.

Alex and Tina modestly got back on with their work and finished their shift heroes.

Marlene stayed in hospital for two weeks to recover and was fitted with a pacemaker.

The grandma of 10 is now back home recuperating and says she owes her life to the staff.

Molly Meadows, ASDA Section manager said: “We at ASDA think these two colleagues are wonderful.”

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Trolleybus Scheme Suspended

July 2nd, 2010 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
The Leeds Trolleybus scheme designed to connect Holt park to the City Centre has been put on hold.

The Leeds Trolleybus network was put on hold last month along with the Holt Park Wellbeing Centre in a double blow to Holt Park and the whole of  North West of Leeds.

In a similar vain to the Leeds Supertram which was shelved in 2005, the Trolleybus network has been suspended.

In a visit to Leeds yesterday, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond insisted that the Leeds Trolleybus plans had not been axed, just placed under review.

The Trolleybus network, under the title New Generation Transport (NGT) is to be reviewed as the new coalition government attempt to tackle the budget deficit.

Mr Hammond said: “It would be wrong to say its fate has been sealed. Nothing has been ruled in, nothing has been ruled out.”

The proposed Trolleybus scheme would have brought a zero emission mode of transport, seen in cosmopolitan cities around the world from Rio de Janeiro to Lyon, right here to Holt Park.

The £254 million project would see three routes take shape across Leeds. The northern route would run from the city centre to Holt Park

Trolley bus northern route from the city centre to Holt Park

The fate of the Trolleybus project will be decided in October in the Comprehensive Spending Review.

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18A Bus Stop Disruption

July 1st, 2010 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
The 18A bus stops in Ireland Wood will be out of service this weekend.

The stops on Farrar Lane, Raynel Drive and Raynel Approach will be out of service on Saturday 3rd July and Sunday 4th July.

The stops will not be in use due to gas roadworks taking place in the area.

The 18A will continue to operate on Otley Old Road with the service running from and terminating at Holt Park Centre.

For further information you can contact Metroline on 0113 2457676

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Click to enlarge the picture

Metro Notice 18A Bus Stop DisruptionImage courtesy of Luke Beaumont

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Budget Cuts Hit the Heart of Holt Park

June 30th, 2010 · Community News

Thank you to Adelle who yesterday left a comment asking about what is happening with the new Holt Park Wellbeing Centre. We have investigated what is going on and here is what we have found.

by Joel Beaumont
Holt Park’s brand new leisure centre has been put on hold due to spending cuts.

Plans for a new leisure centre and place to socialise entitled Holt Park Wellbeing Centre has been suspended by the new coalition government.

The Wellbeing Centre was deemed too costly a project due to its £50 million price tag.

The proposed Wellbeing Centre would have replaced the current Holt Park Leisure Centre and provide a ‘community hub’ along with a new swimming pool and learner pool, meeting areas, a community cafe, activity rooms and consulting rooms.

The plans had been given the okay by Labour’s Department of Health. However, under a review of spending, the new government felt the cost of the project outweighed the benefits.

Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced on 17th June that funding for the centre had been put on hold. In a statement from the Treasury he said: “We are determined to tackle the unprecedented budget deficit and bad financial management we have seen over the past decade, but are equally determined to do this in a way that is fair and responsible. As a result of the poor decisions made by the previous Government, I have taken the decision to cancel certain projects that do not represent good value for money, and suspend others pending full consideration in the Spending Review.”

MP for Leeds North West, and fellow Liberal Democrat, Greg Mulholland, wrote to Mr Alexander calling for a rethink.

Speaking about the issue Mr Mulholland said: “I honestly believe that cutting the Holt Park Wellbeing Centre will be detrimental to the redevelopment of Holt Park and the surrounding area.”

The suspension of the project will be reviewed in a Comprehensive Spending Review. The outcome of this and whether the wellbeing centre is given the green light should be known by the end of October.

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England Departs Holt Park

June 29th, 2010 · Community News

by Joel Beaumont
Now England are out of the World Cup, the cross of St George has come down across Holt Park.

As residents got behind the England team, Holt Park and the surrounding area became awash with red and white.

However, the World Cup spirit ended prematurely for England fans as their team crashed out to their life long foes, Germany, on Sunday.

With defeat came the removal of England paraphinalia from the local area, with only a hand full of flags remaining. However, it wasn’t just homes that no longer wished to fly the flag.

In what some may see as a bold move the Lawnswood Arms Pub, despite the World Cup not having officially finished, took down their World Cup flags.

The pub had a spectacular display in which every nation competing at the World Cup had their flag flying high.

However, the display has now come down. In fairness England are out so therefore, the World Cup is over.

Lawnswood Arms Pub take down their World Cup flags

A man gets to work removing any trace of world cup torment – image courtesy of Stuart Moss

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