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Heatwave Becomes a Crime Wave

June 28th, 2010 · Crime

By Joel Beaumont
Burglaries have risen by 57% in North West Leeds over the last few days.

The hot weather has led may people to open doors and windows leaving them easy targets to opportunistic burglars.

The Leeds North West Division of West Yorkshire Police are urging people to be more vigilant when leaving doors or windows open.

Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton, head of the Division’s neighbourhood policing teams, said: “People really need to be aware that when the weather is good thieves are out there walking the streets actively looking for opportunities to steal. An open window or unlocked door is an open invitation to them and they won’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.’’

Officers who are patrolling the streets this week will check to see which properties are an easy target for burglars and offering advice to residents on how to protect their homes.

Chief Inspector Belton added: “House burglary is one of our top priorities. We will keep working hard to catch the burglars but we need people to help us by making home security their top priority.”

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Hello and Welcome to holtparktoday.com

June 24th, 2010 · Website Updates

If you are reading this you have probably found us through the Facebook page or one of our fliers we have put up in the local area.

We are very pleased to have you here!

The Facebook page and the blog have been set up as a summer project by Luke and Joel Beaumont who live in Holt Park. However if enough interest is established with this project then we will continue to maintain it.

This site essentially belongs to you, the people of Holt Park, our role is simply maintain it. We want you to send us your news, events and activities that effect Holt Park and the surrounding areas.

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