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Holt Park Environmental and Consultation Days

September 7th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

by Joel Beaumont
Holt Park is to hold two environmental days this week

The days designed to clean up Holt Park will be split between the Holtdales and the Holt Farms.

On Wednesday the 8th of September residents from the Holtdales will have the chance to clean up their area.

If you have any unwanted items in your house or garden then the environmental day will be the perfect opportunity to dispose of them in the correct way.

Skips ready to be filled with rubbish will be placed on Holtdale Place, Gardens, View, Garth, Fold, Croft and Avenue

There will also be on the day the chance to take part in some litter picking as well as other small environmental projects.

If you would like to be involved in these events then you can meet members of the Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association at the entrance to Holtdale Lawn at 10.am on Wednesday 8th September.

The following day will be the turn of the Holt Farms with skips set to be placed at the end of Holt Farm Rise and Close.

There will again be a day of litter picking and environmental projects taking place in the area. If you wish to be involved, not only to clean up your area but to meet members of your local community, then call 07901656886 for more information.

Also on the 9th September Sanctuary Housing will be holding a consultation event on Holt Farm Rise for residents to air their views. Present will be the Resident Involvement Officer, Sarah McDonald, along with officers from Sanctuary Housing North.

They will be looking for feedback on a variety of issues so look out for their gazebo on Holt Farm Rise from 2.pm to 5.pm.

For more information on anything detailed above you can call 07901656886.

Please share this with your friends on FaceBook to help raise awareness of this event. Let’s get our local-area looking tidy!

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • dan

    yet AGAIN, the people of holtdale drive are left out for a skip, i’ve been here 10 years and we’ve never had a single skip, my shed and my neighbours shed are full to bursting with rubbish, but do we get a skip? do we hell.

  • Alan Mann

    Hi Dan, As you will read from the above article skips were provided free of charge in various locations around the Holtdales. Although, I appreciate that Holtdale Drive did not have a skip directly located in the street, this was the same for several areas. When organising an event like this your are limited to budget, and decisions have to be taken. I have organised many environmental clean up events on the Holtdales, and can assure you that we have had skips not only in Holtdale Drive, but also the Close. There was a skip at the bottom end of Holtdale Place which was not too far from your location, and if you had difficulties getting you rubbish etc., to this skip as this article and the Holt Park Tenants & Residents Newsletter clearly stated there was helpers on hand. I will endeavour to speak to West North West homes Leeds or the North West Area Management Committee to see if we can get a couple of skips to those locations that we we unable to reach this time around. If you want to leave your email address or telephone number I will of course let you know as soon as I have some information. Are you a tenant of West North West homes? If so, I maybe able to see if their Estate Caretaking Team could collect some items for you?

  • dan

    thanks for your reply, i did take some items to holtdale place and the skip was absolutely full to the brim, with several large items left on the floor beside the skip, it was the same last time when i took items to holtdale lawn only to find it overflowing, this within an hour of the skips been dropped off, you said a skip has been on holtdale drive, it can’t have been since 2000 as i’ve lived here that long and have never seen one unless it was at the top end.

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