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Holt Park Residents Debate Suspended Funding

July 8th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

by Joel Beaumont
Funding for initiatives in Holt Park were hotly debated this evening.

Issues over funding for projects, such as the Holt Park Wellbeing Centre and the Leeds Trolleybus scheme, were raised at the Holt Park Tennants and Residents Association, monthly general meeting.

After conformation from Gonnie Rutten, of Leeds City Council that the Wellbeing Centre was officially suspended members of the meeting had pressing questions.

One woman asked how much the project had already cost.

Ms Rutten said: “We were just two weeks from going on site, so several millions, certainly not small money.”

In response to this, Cllr Barry Anderson who was present at the meeting said: “People have said to me they would want the money spent on other things than the Wellbeing Centre. People would rather have money spent on transport.”

Both the Trolleybus scheme and Wellbeing Centre are under review in the government’s October Spending Review. For either project to be given the green light the public need to give their backing.

“We need people to confirm to us their support.” Cllr Anderson added.

If construction on the Holt Park Wellbeing Centre was confirmed, building work would not begin straight away. It is predicted building work would commence in early 2011.

This is due to the fact the contracts already signed would need reviewing, as most only lasted three months.

Ms Rutten said: If the work was to be restarted it wouldn’t begin for at least 3 months.”

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  • Christina Shaw

    I am so impressed by this project and am as disappointed as anyone that the funding has had to be suspended. I very much hope that it will be forthcoming in the not too distant future, as it would make such a difference to the area and to the local community.

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