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School Road Safety Issues Come to Light After Accident.

November 27th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

by Luke and Joel Beaumont
Issues with safety on Holtdale Approach have been brought to the attention of residents and officials after a recent accident.

On the 23rd of November one of our readers submitted a story about a boy from Ralph Thoresby High School being hit by a car. We are pleased to report the boy was not seriously hurt and was back at home later that evening with only minor cuts and bruises.

What this highlights however is the real problem regarding traffic congestion outside of the school. The road itself is considered a high risk area and to make the situation worse is part of a bus route

Ralph Thoresby High School head teacher Stuart Hemingway, and local councilors have previously campaigned for crossings to be situated in the area In order to reduce problems Mr Hemingway encourages the pupils to leave via alternative exits so they are not flooding out onto the road.

Mr Hemingway said: “At the moment students leave the school building via Farrar Lane to reduce pedestrian congestion on Holtdale Approach.”

“We have been told that a more formal crossing will be constructed early next year which will considerably help the situation.” he added.

This was reported by Holt Park today earlier in the year and can be seen here https://holtparktoday.com/2010/07/18/safer-roads-to-cross/

Residential Monitoring
Local Residents have been monitoring the area since the accident and have provided us with the following reports.

24th November
“It is fair to say people parking outside Ralph Thoresby on the day were very sensible. People were either using the parking bays opposite the main entrance, or parked away from the double yellow lines, or in street adjacent to the school. However, there were also a number of people who paid no attention to any highway code. Just prior to the parking bays is an area that has double yellow lines and white cross lines, an area where no vehicle should park, at least six vehicle used this area as a pick up point. At the opposite end the entrance to the community library was blocked on more than 15 occasions, and at one point a vehicle who had picked up a disabled library user could not gain access to Holtdale Approach.

Over 40 vehicles used the entrances of Holtdale Road, and Holtdale Gardens as turning points back onto Holtdale Approach after picking up their respective children. Although, this does not break any highway code, it does obstruct residents living in those streets from either entering or exiting.

Lastly, it is important to note that one day after a possible serious accident that there was no police in sight!”

25th November
“This morning there was approximately 72 traffic offences outside of Ralph Thoresby High School. There were cars parking with their engines off on double yellow lines. Most of these were either at the entrance of the community library, directly in front of the main entrance, or just beyond the parking bays. In addition, to this 5 vehicle stopped to let children out next to the barriers whereby their children had to jump the barriers. One vehicle did a u-turn directly in front of the main entrance halting traffic whilst the driver did a 4 point turn. Once again there was no police, patrolling this morning or evening This was even after a reassurance from Inspector Coldwell that patrols would be put in place.”

Local Concerns
The Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association have also been campaigning through their local councillor for some deterrents.

The Tenants and Resident Association said: “It is a traffic issue and therefore the traffic police should be called in for two mornings and two afternoons then if problems occur they can warn people about their irresponsible behavior.

“Two weeks later the traffic police should return to see if the same people have taken on the instructions or if the same people have not improved their behavior. If not a fix penalty notice, and possible 3 points on their licences should be issued.”

West Yorkshire Police said “It is the same at every school but that is not not a reason for not doing anything.

As a result of concerns from residents PC Parminder Lall along with PCSO Claire Salkeld will be patrolling outside the school for the next week.

At the bottom of this post is your chance to voice your opinions. HoltParkToday.com are looking to gather the opinions of local people. Please click on the comments section and give us your views on the current situation.

Do you think there is a traffic problem outside Ralph Thoresby?
Are the police being lax?
Is it a case of nothing gets done until someone gets hurt?
Are you finding it difficult to drop your children off at school due to other people’s inconsiderate behavior?
Are you a local resident who is experiencing the frustration of cars obstructing you entering or exiting your street?

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • sam

    I feel it would be the right time to put some sort of crossing on this particular road as I myself have trouble getting across it even when there is no school pupils around because cars simply just dont slow down or let you across and that’s why you find people getting knocked down like the young boy did the other day if nothing is done about it soon it a matter of time before some one gets seriously injured or even killed.

  • Jan Simpson

    This accident should never have happened as there has being serveral accidents on this stretch of road since the school opened and nothing has been done. What is it going to take a child/adult to get seriously hurt or worse killed before we are taking it seriously. Lets have the road made safe make that stretch of the road predestrian only.

  • BEV

    I agree, the road is dangerous at most times of the day as the traffic does not slow down to make allowances for pedestrians crossing the road.

  • Alan Mann

    The area outside the main entrance of Ralph Thoresby is becoming more and more dangerous, with cars and vans travelling at excess speeds, and some parents acting irresponsibily when dropping and picking up their children. The entrances of Holtdale Place, Gardens, and the Road are not turning points, and the grass verges are a testimony of bad driving too. LCC have to act fast otherwise we will have a fatality here.

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